Live outside… together

Keen was founded in Portland, USA, in 2003 on a simple design question: “Can a sandal protect toes?” The answer was yes: the Newport sandal, recognized for its hybrid design and patented toe protection that revolutionized the sport sandal industry.
Keen takes a contemporary approach to outdoor footwear, using innovative techniques to create ergonomic and sustainable pieces.

The Uneek style launched in 2014 and has remained a core brand staple ever since. The Uneek shoe blends the comfort and durability of a trail shoe with the design of a sandal for the ultimate hybrid lifestyle.
The company strives to demonstrate integrity and leadership, especially on social and environmental commitments, while promoting an inclusive outdoors community. Through its Keen Effect initiative, the company works to create a lighter footprint on the planet and provides support to a variety of social and environmental causes around the globe.