Proged Group

Proged Group was founded in 1989 and is made up of a group of companies dedicated to the design, production, licensing and distribution of international fashion and sports brands. We are specialists in managing footwear, apparel and accessories collections with first class international brands that have an important historical legacy.

We mainly operate in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, currently being the independent leading group of our sector in the Iberian Peninsula.
Proged Group has 3 business units:

  • Brands distribution:responsible for the distribution in the Sport and Fashion channels of brands such as Converse, Nike Swim, CAT Footwear, Keen, Woden, and Kawasaki.
  • Retail:responsible for the integral management of more than 70 of our own points of sale, including shop-in-shops, outlets and e-commerce. We are Retail Partner for Converse in Spain and Portugal.
  • Design and production:DDM Barcelona is the unit dedicated to the design, development and production of collections for the group and third party brands.